May 8, 2013

Financial Crisis Sparks New Email Scams

Panda Security warns Internet users of new email scams, sparked by the current global financial crisis. The security company states that as the financial crisis continues, cybercriminals are working harder than ever to steal people’s money, using any available methods and tools.

For example, by gaining access to a victim’s email account and sending out fraudulent messages to all contacts, cybercriminals are not only able to profit from victims, but also get ahold of addresses from personal and organization email accounts.

Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs, explains:

One of the major problems victims of this type of attack face is the fact that the first thing cyber-criminals do is change the account’s password, preventing its legitimate owner from accessing it. The problem can get even worse as many users use the same password for their Facebook or Twitter accounts, allowing cyber-criminal to control them and impersonate the victim.