Jun 7, 2013

Children Interested in Social Networks & Pornographic Websites

A Parental Control data analysis done by Kaspersky Lab shows that social networks are the most dangerous “virtual playground” for children. Just in May 2013, Kaspersky’s Parental Controls registered over 52 million attempts to visit social networks, followed by over 25 million attempts to access pornographic websites.

When it comes to “child inappropriate” websites, the interests of children vary from country to country; overall, social networks may be what children attempt to visit the most, but in both the United States and the UK, pornographic websites are in the lead, followed by online stores.

Kaspersky Lab points out that Parental Controls can “help parents shield their children from unwanted content in a tactful and intelligent manner, without completely blocking access to the Internet” (Kaspersky Lab Press Release, June 5, 2013). For the complete article on this analysis, see What are children doing online?, by Kaspersky Lab Expert Konstantin Ignatev.

Parental Controls in Internet Security Software

Many Internet Security solutions come with Parental Controls, for example Kaspersky PURE Total Security, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security, and Norton 260.

By use of parental controls, parents can configure their Internet security tools and features to suit their specific family, for example by restricting access to certain websites and programs, or to entire categories of websites (e.g. social networking websites, gambling websites, pornographic content). A common tool is to allows parents to set time schedules for their children’s computer use: certain times of the day when Internet access will be unavailable. Different user profiles make sure parents won’t end up restricting their own Internet access, something we’re sure no parent wants to do!

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