Trend Micro to Collaborate with INTERPOL in Global Fight Against Cyber Crime

Jun 26, 2013

Internet Security company Trend Micro will collaborate with INTERPOL to support global law enforcement programs against cybercrime. This was announced in a Trend Micro press release yesterday.

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Kaspersky Product Comparison

Jun 19, 2013

The Antivirus Store is happy to be able to offer a new product comparison for Kaspersky. We are working on adding comparisons for all the brands listed on The Antivirus Store.

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New BitDefender & Trend Micro Product Comparisons

Jun 17, 2013

The Antivirus Store is happy to be able to offer product comparisons for BitDefender and Trend Micro. Comparison tables will be added to all brands in the near future.

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Kaspersky Gets 100% in Real-World Malware Protection Test

Jun 12, 2013

Kaspersky’s consumer security software Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 was recently awarded the highest five-star rating in MRG Effitas Real-World Protection test, after detecting and blocking 100% of the 585 threats included in the test. The threats included current zero-day exploits, financial malware, and ransomware.

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Children Interested in Social Networks & Pornographic Websites

Jun 7, 2013

A Parental Control data analysis done by Kaspersky Lab shows that social networks are the most dangerous “virtual playground” for children. Just in May 2013, Kaspersky’s Parental Controls registered over 52 million attempts to visit social networks, followed by over 25 million attempts to access pornographic websites.

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Microsoft & FBI Cooperate to Take Down Large Botnet

Jun 6, 2013

In its largest botnet operation so far, the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit worked with the FBI, as well as with technology companies and financial institutions in 80 countries, to disrupt a massive botnet operation, responsible for stealing approximately half a billion dollars from bank accounts all around the world.

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BitDefender Wins Yet Another VBSpam+ Award

Jun 6, 2013

By winning another VBSpam+ Award for great spam detection, BitDefender is now independent analysis firm Virus Bulletin’s most awarded software in the history of anti-spam testing. In the May tests, BitDefender caught 99.89% of all spam, with zero false positives.

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This May, F-Secure Celebrates 25 Years of Malware Fighting

May 30, 2013

This month, Scandinavian Internet security company F-Secure is celebrating its 25th anniversary. And a lot has changed in the past 25 years. In the late 80s, most viruses traveled on floppy disks.

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Financial Crisis Sparks New Email Scams

May 8, 2013

Panda Security warns Internet users of new email scams, sparked by the current global financial crisis. The security company states that as the financial crisis continues, cybercriminals are working harder than ever to steal people’s money, using any available methods and tools.

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Peer-to-Peer Botnets Make Takedowns Harder

May 7, 2013

Over the past three years, we have experienced a huge increase in both the number and the size of peer-to-peer botnets, a type of “zombie networks” of infected computers. As Bitdefender describes it, the peer-to-peer botnets have been developed in order to eliminate the risk of getting command and control servers taken down, hence shutting down the entire botnet operation.

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