Mobile Malware

In addition to the commonly known computer threats, these days it is no longer enough to simply keep our PCs protected. With the advancement in mobile and wireless technologies, smartphones and PDAs are becoming the newest platform for a new type of security threats.

Mobile threats currently spread via text and picture messages, email, regular Internet access from your phone and Bluetooth, and are especially dangerous when it comes to mobiles tied to a corporate network. However, these days also individuals can be hit – a risk that keeps growing every day.

A few Internet security companies, such as Trend Micro, BitDefender and Kaspersky, lead the way when it comes to this new kind of security software, mobile anti-virus and Internet security.

The Antivirus Store will be adding mobile antivirus options during 2013.. Our suggestion is, if you haven’t already, don’t wait until it is too late when it comes to protecting yourself from mobile threats. Make sure not only your computers but also your mobile phones are protected!

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