Our Recommendation

The Antivirus Store is a long-time user of Kaspersky’s popular Internet Security solution. In just a few years, Kaspersky has grown from being a small Russian brand, which first gained popularity among the “techies” in the United States, to one of the most trusted and highly respected Internet Security companies in the world. This is all thanks to fantastic user reviews and great results in antivirus and Internet Security comparison tests the world over. Kaspersky products include Kaspersky PURE Total Security and Kaspersky ONE Universal Security for multi-device use.

In addition to Kaspersky, we have also had very positive experiences with Trend Micro, the third largest Internet security company in the world, and another very popular Internet Security software choice. Following the success of its popular PC-cillin software, Trend Micro now offers a line of products called Titanium. While Kaspersky may seem more “serious” (and, by all means, Internet security should be taken seriously), Trend Micro has combined great Internet security tools with a straightforward, easy-to-use user interface that can easily be personalized by the use of included images and personal photos. Trend Micro Titanium products include Titanium Internet Security and Titanium Maximum Security, for multi-device use.