About The Antivirus Store

With viruses and other malware getting more common by the day, you need to make sure that your computers, tablets, smartphones, and your personal information are completely protected. This is why we created The Antivirus Store – to help you find the antivirus software that is best for you.

This website features a number of popular antivirus brands and products to limit your software search to one website instead of a number of different antivirus and Internet security software sites. We have included product information, screenshots, prices, comparison tables, and user reviews, in addition to a little bit of information about common malware types and why Internet security software and antivirus products are so important. With cybercriminals constantly finding new markets to target, we are also in the process of adding security software for Macs, tablets, and smartphones. For a couple of early adapters in this new market, take a look at Kaspersky ONE Universal Security and Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security, both security solutions for multi-device use.

Personally, we are long-time users of Kaspersky’s popular Internet Security solution. In just a few years, Kaspersky has grown from being a small Russian brand, which first gained popularity among the “techies” in the United States, to one of the most trusted and highly respected Internet Security companies in the world. This is all thanks to fantastic user reviews and great results in antivirus and Internet Security comparison tests the world over. Another very popular choice is Trend Micro, which – following the success of old PCcillin – has released a line of products called Titanium. Trend Micro has built on its extremely popular PCcillin product, making a brand that is even better.

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